On this page you will find helpful links and resources related to housing for refugees. We have also featured individual questions on our FAQ page.

Resources related to housing

EJF flyer on housing for refugees (“Wohnungen für Flüchtlinge – Beratung und Vermittlung”)

Published by: EJF (Evangelisches Jugend- und Fürsorgewerk, Lutheran Youth and Welfare Organisation)

Download as a PDF (in German)

EJF documents on accommodation services for refugees who are still in the process of seeking asylum (and receive money from LaGeSo)

Guide for finding a flat in Berlin

Published by: https://www.wosla.de

Download as a PDF in multiple languages

How to apply for accommodation for refugees

Published by: Georg Classen www.fluechtlingsrat-berlin.de

Download as a PDF (in German)

Rental agreements in readily accessible language

Cube-shaped living spaces designed for the tops of buildings

The architects of Kauschke + Partners have developed cube-shaped living units which can be placed on flat roofs or on the ground. Here, refugees can live independently or together with locals.

Download as a PDF (9.1 MB, in German)

Generally helpful pages for refugees and volunteers

A Guide for Orientation and Communication in Germany

Published by: refugeeguide.de

Download as a PDF in multiple languages

Brochure: Welcome to Germany!

Published by: Munich Forum for Islam

Download as a PDF: Deutsch | English | الأبجدية العربية

Welcome booklet

Published by: Freedomus

Download as a PDF: Deutsch | English | русский |الأبجدية العربية

Routemap of Berlin’s Public Transport Network (BVG)

Published by: BVG

Download as a PDF (in English and Arabic)

Further help pages


Angehört explains the basics of the process an asylum seeker goes through when they seek protection in Germany. They provide information on rights and obligations and addresses for counselling services. The organisation explains to refugees what happens during the interview with the German government and prepares the appointments together with them.

Furniture donations for refugees

A Facebook group for furniture donations to refugees.


This site provides an overview of resources and initiatives that are helping refugees. It may also serve as a starting point and source of inspiration for people who wish to get involved.


Sie ist in erster Linie für Flüchtlinge aus Berlin bestimmt, enthält aber viel Wissenswertes
auch für deren Unterstützer.

If there are other links you believe would be useful, email us to let us know.

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