Everyone needs a place to call home to be able to integrate and settle into a new place. An informal survey conducted among 300+ refugees showed: Only 1% of refugees want to live in refugee homes. The remaining 99% prefer to live in flatshares, host families, communities or their own apartment. But in a city where housing is scarce, refugees, in particular, face challenges in finding accommodation.

We are convinced that with imagination and creativity, open hearts and determination, we Berliners can find or develop adequate housing for thousands of newcomers through joint efforts. Together we can make a difference! Get involved!

Housing Referral

  • Room in a family home
  • Room in a shared flat
  • Apartment
  • Short-term stay (1 night to 6 months)

Housing Development

  • Improve collective accommodation facilities
  • Shared housing and communal living
  • Develop new housing or convert existing buildings
  • Fund housing


  • Assistance in finding an apartment
  • Assistance with visits to public authorities and legal matters
  • Advice on developing a shared housing project
  • Financial assistance to help pay rent