Housing for Refugees
All people including refugees need adequate housing to successfully integrate, settle and thrive in a new place.

The initiatives working together under the name NestwerkBerlin offer advice and guidance, whether you need a place to stay, have a flat to share or want to create new housing opportunities.

Find Housing

Find a flatshare, a host family or your own apartment.

Share Housing

Develop shared housing arrangements for communal living.

Build Housing

Create new living spaces – for example on roofs.

How it Works

This platform is a collaborative effort of various Berlin-based initiatives.
We help you get in touch with the right initiative for your needs.

About Us

Everyone needs a place to call home to be able to integrate and settle into a new place. Only 1% of refugees want to live in refugee homes. The remaining 99% prefer to live in shared flatshost families, communities or their own apartment. But in a city where housing is scarce, refugees, in particular, face challenges in finding accommodation.

We are convinced that with imagination and creativity, open hearts and determination, we Berliners can achieve more together than many politicians or journalists might think.


Using our filter system you can search for advice and guidance on housing and find the right information for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

For those who want to provide, share or build housing in Germany, there are quite a few bureaucratic efforts and practical challenges involved. It’s not always easy – but it can be done!